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miami nightclub insurance

Insuring a nightclub or bar is not the same as insuring any other business. These establishments require specialized coverage that takes into consideration the unique risks that nightclubs and bars face.

You know how to draw in the crowds and serve up a good time for your clientele. Your insurer needs to know what coverage is necessary to protect your business. Purchasing a customized nightclub and bar insurance package that focuses on the particular risks your business faces is essential.

Patrons tend to consume alcohol while in nightclubs, and this puts the establishment at risk for liquor-related claims. Liquor liability provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury claims made against you caused by patrons who have become intoxicated in your nightclub. Liquor liability will also protect you from most third-party lawsuits.

The best policy to have is a business owners policy, which combines liquor liability with general liability coverage. Our liquor liability policies also include assault and battery coverage, which protects your business if a fight breaks out where the establishment owner is held liable on the grounds of a failure to provide a safe venue and environment for the patrons.

Your property is vital to your business. If something were to happen to the building itself, you may not be able to open your business for a period of time. Consider policy options that include not only property coverage, but also your income should your business be inaccessible. And if your suppliers are unable to make deliveries that would force you to shut down temporarily, there’s a policy for that, too.

And since you’re running a business, you need also need workers’ compensation, general liability, cyber liability, as well as employment practice liability insurance.

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